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Welcome to Study in Canada section. Here you will find a List of Top and Best Universites in Canada, Study abroad options, Scholarships, Colleges, Programs, Courses, Institutes for studying MBA, Business Management, Engineering, Hotel management, Arts & Design, Films & Media, Science & Technology, Animation, Computers & IT and many more programs for studies in Canada. You will also find why study in Canada, the eligibility and admission procedure for study in Canada, cost of tuition and living, student visa requirements, scholarships available from different Canadian Universities and Government and list of Top Universities in Canada for studies in Canada.

You will find articles on Study in Canada, blogs, questions and answers, university reviews, forums, etc. to make informed decisions for studying in Canada.

In order to get admission at various universities and colleges in Canada, America, Europe and some Universities in Asia, students must be proficient in English which is tested by various English tests. For USA & Canada TOEFL is preferred where as for Australia, UK & New Zealand IELTS is preferred. At Oxford we run preparation classes for IBT TOEFL, IELTS SAT I, SAT II, GRE & GMAT. GRE & GMAT are tests which asked by Universities for admission in Master's Degree or Graduate study.

By taking preparation classes you can improve in vocabulary, reading comprehension, reading speed, listening comprehension and the score. The score obtained in those tests are very important as a part to demonstrate that you are qualified or eligible to understand the lecture and conversation at any university abroad. Our instructors are qualified, experienced and they are real test takers. We believe they can guide you properly and help you to make your dream of studying abroad come true. Canada is now-a-days a very hot destination for students not just for its quality academics but also the off-campus work opportunity for international full-time students.

A Canadian degree, diploma or certificate is highly valued in business, government and academic circles around the globe. Canadian students consistently rank among the best in the world, science and math – a testament to the outstanding quality of Canadian schools.

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