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The history of formal education goes far in the infinite lap of time. Since then the scholars have been wandering for the best place to nurture their natural endurance for quality education. And from that time the scholars have helped yet another scholar in the search of the better educational institution. We have tried to follow the same tradition.

Here at Radiant Abroad Studies, we give our full effort in understanding the need of the student and the ability to pursue their deserved educational pilgrimage. We have affiliation with the renowned universities and the colleges throughout the world where the student can continue their higher studies. Our students are destined to have acquired quality education according to their need not just according to the enrollment requirement of the institution. We provide students with all the necessary information and suggestions to adopt in the new learning environment.

"Every individual has a unique fingerprint", we do believe and treat every students individually to the best of their ability and necessity. We are not merely the counselors facilitating the students and the institute like a bridge but the consultant where a student can open himself/herself to be helped. We responsibly take care of the students at our door in the quest of their better future.

It thrills us to help all the aspiring students launching their dreams. We are stern in the commitments we usually make to our students and we firmly believe that our wise guide would help our valuable students find the right path to their future educational goals. We believe that we have acquired this status in counseling services not only through our endeavors but also through the sincere supports of our invaluable students. We understand that the professionals, experienced personnel and excellent environment we possess would prove a principal guideline in achieving students' personal goal. We discern that we still got a very long path to stride on, for this we are always effortful in providing the best of everything. This indicates the glittering future of our land through the modern and compatible education our youths going to possess abroad. Today they are toddlers but tomorrow will bring them back as a threshold and the foundation to the advancement of our country. We have glimpsed the future of our nation on the career of our youth, our students. It's the reason why we are so determined to offer the best of our consultancy. We are proud of you all. Thanks for making us dream the future Nepal.

We strongly consider "Future favors the prepared mind", as Louis Pasture and we are enthusiastically here to prepare you. Come and feel the difference.

Bhashkar Bhandari
 colleges in canada   colleges in canada
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