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Registered at the office of the company registrar Kathmandu, pursuant to sub section (1) of section 5 of company act 2006, Radiant Abroad Studies, registration number 48391 / 064 / 65, is an educational counseling and service providing agency. Radiant Abroad Studies, RAS in short, facilitates students in selecting and attending the right colleges and universities throughout the world. RAS exists as the effort of dedicated individuals with remarkable experience in the field of education. It aims at preparing students to lead the better future.

RAS is not just 'yet another consultancy' that helps student go abroad, but is concerned about the probable hazards and difficulties a student may come across. So, here at RAS students are not only prepared for their enrollment but help them understand the culture, language, society and all related aspects of the life necessary for them to survive in a foreign land.

RAS is committed to make necessary follow-ups even after the students attend the institute, so that it can help them when needed. Students coming to RAS become the part of it. We have the environment where they can share their feelings and help us help them     

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